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Monday, January 18, 2016

You know I'm #9

I enjoyed this Buzzfeed article of stock photo models with money.  They're patently ridiculous.

This week's notable Cash Dashes on Find&Save:
  • Target 3% back When You Spend (WYS) $100 Ends Tuesday
  • Dollar Tree $0.50 back WYS $4 Ends Wednesday
  • Sprouts 4% back WYS $100 Ends Wednesday
  • Michaels $0.50 back  WYS $5 Ends Wednesday
  • 99 Cents Only $0.25 back  WYS $1 Ends Thursday
  • Marshalls 3% back WYS $30 Ends Thursday
  • TJ Maxx 3% back WYS $35 Ends Thursday
  • Costco 2% back WYS $100 Ends Friday
YM8D is my code for Find&Save. Tell 'em I sent you, lol.

Exciting things:
  1. Meatballs and shredded chicken for the week.  (Probably not together.)
  2. Snow Leopards at the San Diego Zoo
  3. Hamitome coming out in time for my birthday
  4. Hamilton documentary on PBS in the Fall
  5. Celtic Thunder Legacy in about a month
  6. Three day weekends
  7. A weekend of gluten free goodness with Melinda Dennis around the corner!

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