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The Hunger Site

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Save the World

I added a header bar to my humble blog.  I like to click on the Hunger Site to do my small part to give.  It's free to do.  Hopefully when you visit my little corner of the web, that'll remind you to do your part to end hunger.  There's actually quite a few different causes on the site now, and each click (one per person per day) contributes to that cause, whether it's funding therapy for someone with autism, or a mammogram, feeding an animal, or funding Alzheimer's research.  All worthy causes, and I think it's something little that many people can do to make a difference with very little effort on their parts.  The site  also has merch for sale to further support their causes.  I used to always have a link to the Hunger Site or similar sites as my away message on AIM with the little subtitle "Save the World!"  Because, hey, somebody has to.

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