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Monday, January 4, 2016

"The Knowledge," & Drinking Tap Water, But Not the Kool Aid

What have we learned today?
Today I learned that in London, taxi drivers have to take a test simply known as "The Knowledge."  It's of all their zany streets that were laid out from carriage routes and such and with one side of the street having a different name than the other.  The drivers are also expected to know all the pubs and sights so they can take the residents and tourists where they want to go.  And as a result, seasoned drivers' brains have bigger hippocampuses.  I saw it in a National Geographic video in my science class in middle school today.  Here's an article describing what we saw.  Thanks, NatGeo!

I hate New Year's Resolutions.  Everyone knows that you start off with the best of intentions, but then, somewhere along the way, the goal gets knocked off the top of your priorities' list.  Also, I know that it's a new year and it makes sense for all and sundry to take part in a tradition of having a fresh start... but the little rebel in me balks at being just like everyone else. Why January first? Make up your mind and start when you're ready, gosh darn it.  Enough about the arbitrary nature of humankind.... Being that it's January 4th and all, I've decided to maybe drink tap water instead of bottled or filtered this year.  I hate lugging heavy bottles up the stairs, am not thrilled about the environmental impact, and know that the taste difference between bottled and tap is mostly in my head.  Totally reserving my right to change my mind here though. Ha!