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Monday, December 28, 2015


It’s the end of an era. WDW Today is undergoing a transition.  After 10 years, a mostly new cast is taking over.  The big announcement came in Episode 1489, “A Big Announcement.” Clever.  I’ll miss the current mix of Matt, Mike, Mike, and Len, but look forward to what Terry and Will and everyone will have to offer.

I’ve gone through many podcasts through the years.  Sometimes I realize that I’m not listening to a certain podcast very often and remove it from my list.  Other times, a show podfades or (more politely, thank you very much!) announces that they will be ending production. These are the podcasts that I can’t get enough of:

My favorites:
  • A Way With Words- based right here in San Diego! 
  • How to Do Everything
  • Hidden Brain
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me- I missed going to a show when they were taping here in town, but I loved seeing the live broadcast on the big screen through Fathom Events.
  • Ask Me Another
  • Planet Money

Gone but Not Forgotten/OK Maybe I've forgotten some/Took a trip down Memory Lane to some that are probably still running strong
  • MouseGuestWeekly- Eric, Cathy, and Dan had a good thing going for many years.  Eric briefly brought it back as MouseGuest Podcast, but as a busy dad, I’m guessing life got in the way.
  • The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack- One of my first and favorites.  I was involved in the forums and all the nerdiness.  These guys are originally from East County San Diego and we’re Facebook and Instagram friends. Anyways, (ding!)…
  • Mannerscast: Oh the inside jokes these kindly Texans created and shared with the listeners….   Each episode offered many laughs and heartfelt advice about the mannerly thing to do in any given situation. I’d listen again in a heartbeat.
  • Also used to enjoy the Princeton Review Vocab Minute, The Bryant Park Project and Pottercast and Mugglecast. I may or may not have driven to LA to see a live LeakyMug.  Don’t worry; I went to Disneyland on my way up there.  So it’s not like I only drove to LA for an HP event.
  • Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips

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