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Friday, November 20, 2015

Three Apps and a Credit Card

Cartwheel is Target's savings app. At home, you can search in the app for what you want to buy and then buy the type that is on sale.  This is especially advantageous if you’re able to stack it with a coupon.  More savings! Or when you’re at the store and filling your cart, scan your items. Sometimes, when an item isn’t on sale, Cartwheel suggests a comparable item that is, and you may make a change there.  Brand loyalty is not for the frugal. Be sure to use your Target RedCard for 5% off of your entire order, and to bring your own bags for .05 off your total for each.  Note: there are both debit and credit RedCards.

Walmart's Savings Catcher is so simple to use.  All you do is shop like normal, then scan the barcode on your receipt.  If there is a lower advertised price, they make up the difference to you.

I have mixed feelings about Inbox Dollars, which is a website and app with many different components. On the good side is being paid to receive and click on several emails a day.  We are inundated with advertising already... might as well opt-in and make some change while we're at it!  You can always make a new email account for your marketing/sign up purposes.  Just be sure to check it to catch the good stuff.

One unique feature that Inbox Dollars offers is that they pay you an extra ten cents every time you use a coupon printed from their site!  They also have some really good coupons.  My favorites are $2 off Schar's Artisan Gluten Free bread and $3 off Feline Pine.  Once you use the coupon at the store and that information filters its way back to the site, your account is credited.

I believe they hire people with disabilities to mail out their checks, so that's a huge plus in their favor.

I'm a Gold Member, so I think some of my rewards are doubled.  I didn't mention coinage so folks wouldn't be disappointed by a lower starting rate.

I see right now they are offering a $5 sign up bonus, and if you sign up through my link, I get an extra dime every second Tuesday or something. ;)

Now for the downside: many of their surveys are very low-paying and they partnered with CrowdFlower/AKA Dolores Labs from Mechanical Turk and crowdsourcing for menial, way underpaid tasks.  I won't touch them.

Psssst: Chase Freedom emailed me that they're offering 10% cash back on Amazon purchases this holiday season!  What?!?  That's what I get for shopping early... Oh well, I'm sure I'll be getting a few more things here and there.  I always use my Amazon Prime credit card on Amazon for the 5% back, but now by paying attention and clicking the right box at checkout, I can double that.  Paying attention and planning ahead really make the dollars and cents add up.

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