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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday at the Mall, Alicia Style

My new almost sister-law asked me if I was seeing the Hunger Games and I hadn't really thought of it recently.  But this morning, my Surveys on the Go app offered me a $10 survey to see it.  I had to go to an AMC theater, check in, be there for all the previews and watch the whole thing and then take a quick survey.  Simple.  And of course,  I went to a matinee.  Cool! I liked the movie, but it was a bit intense and not a huge feel-good flick, as expected.  And all the surveys above Mockingjay came up because I have location services turned on, was at the mall, and in places they had surveys for. Surveys on the Go pays fairly well and pays a dime even if you don't qualify for a specific survey. I think all companies should follow suit.

I had parked by Target so I could buy cat litter on my way out.  First, though, I set up my motion tracker on Pact, and went for a not-so-leisurely stroll through Mission Valley.  What's Pact?, you're wondering.  Glad you asked.  It's an app that rewards you for exercising and eating fruits and veggies.  So, there among the regular Saturday shoppers, the pre-Black Friday deal-seekers, the kiosk attenders handing out samples, and the circling Save Our Children staff going in for the kill, I walked.  I walked down to Michael's and saw that a new Tender Greens is going to open up in a few weeks.  I walked through Macy's and collected my Shopkicks.  I got kicks at American Eagle and Tilly's and finally, Target.  Lame Target was out of Feline Pine again.  However, I did see a $7 toy with a $3 rebate in Ibotta, so I got it for Toys for Tots.

The Shopkicks can add up fast if you're out for a day at the mall.  Simply turn on Bluetooth and walk in to participating stores.  See all the gift cards I've earned?  Shopkicks only deals in gift cards, unlike many of these apps, which allow you to cash out with Paypal.  You can also earn kicks for purchases at some stores if you link your credit card.  Scan missions can be a new and different game, fun for the whole family to enjoy.  The app will ask you to scan certain items, and you use your phone to do so.  Sometimes finding the right item can be difficult or impossible, and sometimes I find it more anxiety-provoking than worthwhile.  However, I think it's a fun little app and I continue to keep and use it to some degree whenever I'm out.  I have friends who are not active with Shopkick anymore.  I can understand, but also, I have redeemed many a gift card with them and have enough credit for another $10 at Home Goods, so I'll keep with it, myself.

I've added a screenshot of Ibotta, too.  You can see I've passed the $10 threshold for making a withdrawal.

Let me know if you've tried any of my suggestions or if I can clarify anything about my favorite money-saving apps.

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