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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mega Referral/Recommendation Post

It's that time... Mega referral and recommendation post!! Here are some apps/programs I use and have benefited from and think you could too. These are referral links, which means I get a bonus of some sort if you sign up through me. Please do :D Thank you!Also,  let me know if you have any questions. I love talking about my "side hustles!"

But, Alicia, you say, "It's too hard! I don't have time for that nonsense!"  Sure you do.  Most of these are no fuss, no muss. I'll narrow it down to my top three if this list is too overwhelming. The ones I most recommend are Ebates, Ibotta, and OhmConnect, if you're looking for the easiest and the most bang for your buck.  But also Achievement because you literally have to do nothing extra. And if you want one survey app, I've made the most from Surveys to Go.  Getting close to a $50 gift card on Survey Mini, though, too.  Read on!

Ebates: Simply a must. Click through the app, website or toolbar extension, and you'll save money ON TOP of your credit card cash back.  Woohoo!

 Hey! Thought you would enjoy Ibotta (if you don’t already). It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app.  I use it every time I shop, and thought you would like it too! Use my referral code, avybwcj, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at

Hey! Join me on PayPal and we’ll get $5 each when you make your first purchase.

California Coast Credit Union- tell them I sent you. 

Looking for a job in social services? Check out Community Interface Services and tell them I sent you!

No muss, no fuss investments with Betterment. I'm up 4.6%. Get 90 days free when you invest smarter with Betterment. Terms apply.

Ohm Connect: save energy, get rewarded. I just signed up but have high hopes for it.

Get the Panel App and start earning free gift cards & more! (Myst be comfortable with location tracking and repetitive surveys)

SurveytoGo: Occasionally higher paying surveys and you get a dime even when you're disqualified. 

SurveyMini: Payout in gift cards 

Immediate pay, but few surveys

SurveySavvy: (They send a paper check... what is this, 1972?)

CitizenMe- get paid immediately in GBP.  There are a lot of non-paying surveys on there, too, so be wise.

Achievement (Occasional survey, mostly points for steps, hydrating, weighing self and sleep tracking- $10 cash out)

Pact: commit to exercise so many days or eat so many fruits and veggies. Get rewarded (or penalized! Others' penalties pay for your rewards) This company is closing its doors next week.  Boo!

Earny Using Earny already?
They've automated price protection and I'm getting refunds when prices drop :)
You'll get $5 if you use my link:

Paribus, Find and Save, Checkout 51: no referral program but I recommend. Paribus and Earny require access to your email so they can track your purchases and send in price change claims for you. 

This app is similar to Pact. You join a game with a daily step goal ($7 fee for the 7500 steps daily one starting June 30, but it appears the costs vary). The games last for 3 weeks.  Those who meet the goal are rewarded from the cash of those who don't and they guarantee that you don't lose your money if you meet your step goal. I also think I read that you get 3 days in those 3 weeks where you don't have to meet your goal. The app launched in March and was last updated this week. 

You can connect Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple Health, Mi Band, Nike Run Club, and Run Keeper 

As I've just joined myself, I can't speak to the average amount of rewards. 

Here is a referral link.  (You'll get $3 game credit and I'll get $2). Join a game, Get FIT and Earn Cash in SPRYFIT. Get $ 3 Credit with this code 0975b8 for you

I may wait until the school year and cooler weather to try this one. 

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